A Heartfelt Prayer for Bitachon

Emuna and bitachon is peace of mind for the one who knows wholeheartedly that everything is orchestrated by Hashem and consequently is in his best interest at all times –s/he is in Hashem’s hands. This does not necessarily mean that s/he has bitachon that things will work out the way s/he wants them to but s/he has bitachon that whatever Hashem does and will do is for the very best – therefore, s/he is calm.

Master of the World, help me always remember that everything is from You.

Master of the World! Help me have emuna that whatever happens to me in the course of the day is entirely from You.

Whatever goes wrong or fails or annoys me – whatever happens to me, hurts me, damages me, is taken from me – is all from You, not from others.

Give me such strong emuna Father so that I am happy and satisfied with every incident – help me accept it all with love.

When I prepare to face the day, may I remember that every episode is from You, Father, and for my very best.

Help remember this immediately when something happens – not only after several hours or days.

Not just to have emuna – help me to also be able to thank you for all of these things – the good and even the things that appear to be bad for the moment – to express my appreciation from the depths of my heart.

If it is still difficult to conduct myself in this manner and I feel the necessity to do something to change – help me, Father, to realize that only You can help me. My salvation is in Your hands. Help me understand that after all of my efforts I must reach the primary goal – You, Father.

I beseech You, my Father in Heaven, that only good events happen to me today and every day – for I do not possess the strength to rectify anything.