On Bitachon and Facing Challenges

A common theme in sefer Tehillim is Dovid HaMelech’s ability to sing a song of praise to Hashem when facing a struggle. This is particularly remarkable because he sings praise before he experiences the yeshua, redemption. He praises in anticipation of Hashem’s future salvation. We learn that when crises arise to test our emuna, we can emulate Dovid HaMelech in his confidence of Hashem’s kindness.

Jewish history teaches that turning to Hashem in a situation of need helps us to internalize the Emet that everything is under Hashem’s control. Hashem has brought about our redemption in the past, so we can find strength and emuna to face present challenges.

Internalizing this concept can lead to tranquility. Prayer is the vessel through which we can achieve this state. Dovid HaMelech speaks to Hashem, with the emuna that He is listening. It is a great zechut to live with emuna and to speak directly to Hashem in confidence of being heard.

However, this emuna is not easy to maintain, particularly through a long crisis. A big inherent human fear is that of abandonment. When we suffer an affliction, the worst part is feeling Hashem has forgotten us. When the challenging situation continues despite our pleas to Hashem to the contrary, we may feel Hashem is ignoring us, chas v’Shalom.

Dovid HaMelech himself writes, “Ad ana Hashem tishkacheni netzach, ad ana tasteer et panecha meeminee. (How long Hashem will You forget me forever? How long will You hide Your face from me?), passuk beit. The eyes of Dovid HaMelech are so drenched in pain that his eyes are described as, “…Ha’eera einai pen ishan hamavet (…Enlighten my eyes lest I sleep the sleep of death), passuk daled.

Yet, despite this depth of pain, Dovid’s singing and emuna remains strong. Like Dovid, we trust that Borei Olam hears us, and is there for us. Despite present suffering, we can then look into a future bright with joy and hope. As Dovid writes, “Ve’ani b’chasdecha batachti yagel libi b’yeshuatecha… (But I trusted in Your loving-kindness, my heart will rejoice in Your salvation…), passuk vav.—
ואנחנו נברך קה, מעתה ועד עולם הללוקה
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