Testimonials for The Lights of Emunah

“From my work on Rabbi Doniel Katz’s The Elevation Seminar and my experience in this chabura, I truly feel this kind of avoda is what our generation needs to bring Moshiach. Devorah Yaffa is very humble in what she's doing; it's such an important project filling a dire need for many Jews.”  Laurie Baron, assistant to Rabbi Doniel Katz of “The Elevation Seminar”.

“Thank you for a really wonderful and deep learning experience.  Your enthusiasm, or should I say passion, is contagious.   And your classes are so profound and crucially important that they deserve to be listened to over and over again.  May H’ bless you with Yiddishe nachas from your children for bringing His children closer to Him.”   Yehudis (Judith) Mishell, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist; Professor Emeritus Neve Yerushalayim, Jerusalem 

"It's both a pleasure and a life-awakening experience to learn with Devorah Yaffa Singer in her  Lights of Emunah Chabura.  The enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge which she brings to her classes are a great enhancement to anyone seeking to develop a closer relationship with Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu.”  Rochel Schwartzbaum, “The Bamboo Cradle” 

“In our hectic race to get things done, our mitzvos often are missing the crucial essence of a conscious connection to HaKadosh Baruch Hu.  Devorah Singer's workshops are a unique opportunity to acquire insights and tools to focus on what counts most in life."  Rebbetzin Bayla Berger, Jerusalem, Israel

“Material and tools that are a breakthrough for me, delivered articulately, with great love and humility". Rebbetzin Naomi Geffen, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

 “Devorah summed up the most powerful concepts of our existence in just one sentence: The only thing we have control over is whether or not we acknowledge that Hashem is in control.  That was just one nugget that is priceless. The entire series is invaluable for personal growth." Yachad Shiffman, Director of Holistic SOULutions Wellness Center, RBS, Israel

“With only positive experiences with the other chaburos I am in, your shiur spoke to me so much more than any of the other chaburos I am currently in!!”  Rachael Gudema, Passaic, NJ

“First, I want to let you know how much I appreciate you and your razton. every day that our family lives and breathes Israel is in your zechut and I treasure the lifelong connection I have fostered with Hashem due to you and your insights. Also your last shiur was so profound, so inspirational that I cannot really believe the other women on the call at the end of the shiur did not give you a standing ovation - every word of yours resonates with me!  I cannot thank you enough." Chaiya Danielle Ledder, Nof Ayalon, Israel 

“Devorah -- I am listening to the last class (I think #10?) and I have to tell you that you are like cool water on parched skin...Seriously …  I just love love love this shiur. Makes me cry.  You should be zochah to see brachos in this world for your efforts!"  Lara Gedzelman, Passaic, N.J