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There is a broad consensus amongst our Gedolim that we are in a period of time now called Ikvese Demeshicha – or the End of Days(Click here to read this letter from the Gadol HaDor Rav Chaim Kanievsky stating emphatically that we are indeed in the days known as the Ikvesa demeshicha or the End of days).   More recently Rav Kanievsky has been reported as urging the Jewish Olam to make aliyah for the imminent redemption.  When asked what message he had for klal Yisroel at this time and for a chizuk for the Jews of chutz la’aretz (the Diaspora), Harav Kanievsky solemnly declared: “The coming of Moshiach is imminent and he is on his way… It is stated in the Talmud that after the conclusion of the shmitta year Ben Dovid (the scion of Dovid) will come.”  To view this report, click here.  

To drive this point further into our consciousness, take a look at this wonderfully done 2 minute video about a young boy who goes to sleep in Galut and wakes up in Geula.  To view, click here

How does a Torah observant Jew in the 21st century traverse such a potentially volatile and confusing time period? What can we rely on, when from every side, every aspect of life is unravelling? We have nowhere to turn, no solutions, other than turning to Hashem Himself. This is the answer given in the Mishnah at the end of mesechta Sota. The Mishnah asks: “upon whom do we have to rely? “ and it answers: “we can only rely on our Father in Heaven,” (‘Avinu Sh’bshamayim’). Thus, there is one basic overarching strategy for dealing with this time period which is "relying and turning completely and only to Hashem". (to learn more about what we need to strengthen ourselves during the End of Days, go to our Community of Resources/Binyan Olam .)

Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein zt"l stated very poignantly in a shiur he gave during Parshat Yisro in 2009 that only those Jews who hold on tight to their Emunah and trust in Hashem during these times of turbulence and uncertainty will merit to witness the unfolding of history and be a part of the climactic finale of the final redemption (to hear a 5-minute excerpt from this shiur, click here). 

In taking these words very much to heart, we have embarked on this endeavor to provide you with easy, fingertip access to multiple resources, including: seminars, audio links with inspiring shiurim and uplifting musical selectionsVideos and inspiring articles. They all share one aim: to build a community of Jewish women who are dedicated to developing a more palpable and personal relationship with the Creator. It is in the merit of the righteous women, the Midrash tells us, that the Geula will unfold. Amongst these women are those who are building their homes and teaching their loved ones the secret of “relying and turning completely and only to Hashem”



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Miriam's Song
Rabbi Itamar Schwartz, author of Bilvavi and Da'ah es Atzmecha

Rabbi Schwartz gives new meaning to what it means song and describes for us what is the song that each and every Jewish woman must learn to sing. This is our Torah that we need to sing as women on Shavuot.   The Rav speaks in hebrew and there is an accompanying english translation.  To download, click HERE.

To read up on more awesome shiurim from Rabbi Schwartz on the topic of Shavuot just translated into english, click here.  

To read more from Bilvavi about the Women's Role on Shavuot, click here. and also here.

Of the same name as this shiur, a must read about a modern day Israelii heroine and her story of tragedy, emunah, and triumph - Miriam's Song. I just finsihed reading this book and it is absolutely life transforming.  Read more about her here.   To order, click here. 

The Fire of Rebbe Shimon
Devorah Yaffa Singer, G-d Direct Torah

Lag B"Omer is just a few hours away and with it come incredible energies for internal growth, healing and holiness.  Listen to this short 27 minute excerpt to learn more about the energies that are extant in the air right now.  This class was given as part of Mrs. Singer's Lights of Emunah on line series.  For more information on how to join this transformative, now LIVE ON ZOOM chaburah and also receive one on one coaching, click here or email devorah.yaffa@gmail.com.

Growing Through the Omer - Hod Week
Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky, Becoming Divine

In another brilliant and perfectly clarified shiur, Rabbi Labinsky explains the subtle nuances of the G-dl like qualities of Hod.  Hod is also connected to Hodaya, gratitude so this is a good week to say "thank you" to your loved ones and especially to the Borei Olam.

As we are now approaching the pinnacle of Hod sh'b Hod with the descending of the light of Lag B'Omer, you do not want to miss these shiurim on the deeper meaning of Hod and how to awaken this middah within yourself and shine your Divinely given light in this world.  

To listen to these and also the next class in the series and prepare for the coming week’s middah of Yesod, go to: http://becomingdivine.com/omer/  

For a day by day description of the "avodah" for the week during the Omer period, click here. 


The Healing Power of the Month of Iyar
Rabbi Tzadok Cable, Rav of Kehillas Ezra Hasofer Ramat Beis Shemesh Gimmel

Rabbi Tzadok Cable gives us another powerful glimpse into the avodah of the month, in this case, what are the healing powers and the deeper dimensions of the month of Iyar.  Rabbi Cable, with his absolutely unique ability to express the loftiest ideas in the most practical of terms, gives us a glimpse into the awesome potential of the month of Iyar.  To listen, click here.  

If you like this class, you’ll for sure want to sign up for the Rav’s on going now LIVE ON ZOOM chaburah learning opportunities.  For more information, contact me directly at DevorahYaffa@G-dDirectTorah.com or visit The Binah Tree.


"BILVAVI" on the Avodah of Iyar: The Power of Thought
Rabbi Itamar Schwartz, author BILVAVI MISHKAN EVNEH

It is a tremendous privilege to bring you once again such powerful Torah from one of the greatest elucidators of Emunah in our generation.  Rabbi Itamar Schwartz, author of BILVAVI MISHKAN EVNEH, shares with the Jewish Women of Klal Yisrael what our unique avodah during the month of Iyar is.  The Power of Thought and Introspection.

To download, click  here. 

To read an english translation from this class, click here.  To read more on the avodah of the month of Iyar, click here.  To download the Rav's extensive PDF file on the avodah of Lag B'Omer, click here.  

To read and listen to everything the Rav has to say about the Corona virus and our unique Avodat Hashem during this time period, click here.  For PDF files, click here and here..

To learn from someone who will teach us how to feel a palpable and personal relationship with our Creator and get more in touch with our deeper inner selves is a huge opportunity that is now being made available to YOU! 


Building Ahavat Hashem Through the Omer
Devorah Yaffa Singer, G-d Direct Torah

Join Devorah Yaffa Singer as she teaches us how to best use the time period we’re in right now, the Counting of the Omer, to build our Ayn Od M’lvado Consciousness and our Ahavat Hashem in time to receive our personalized Kabbalat HaTorah by Shavuot. This class was given at this time 3 years ago in Philadelphia. To access the video, click here.  To hear or download the recording, click here.

For a day by day description of the "avodah" for this final week of the Omer period, click here.


Saw You At Sinai
Mrs. Devorah Yaffa Singer, Ma'ale Amos, Israel

With Shavuot only a couple weeks away, we need to practice getting ourselves into a "Har Sinai Vision" mode.  I hope you’ll enjoy this transformative and experiential 20 minute meditative exercise to help you plug in more deeply to your neshama’s memory of standing at the foot of Har Sinai. Join me as we go back in time internally and get re-acquainted with the special piece of Torah that was revealed to you then and connect it with the unique light that you’re meant to shine now.

Click here to download mp3.

To learn more tools for strengthening G-d consciousness and re-connecting more deeply with your G-dly soul, check out Lights of Emunah

Mount Neverest: Striving to Become Divine on Shavuot
Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky, Becoming Divine

Listen to another captivating shiur by Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky on the deeper meaning of Shavuot and how to climb the mountain of our lives towards receiving the Torah anew.  To download, click here.

To listen to other fantastic shiurim by Rav Labinsky, go here.


Becoming Divine In Marriage on Shavuot
Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky, Becoming Divine.com

Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky does it again with another crystal clear shiur on How to Become Divine in Marriage on Shavuot.  If Shavuot is about the marriage between HaKadosh Baruch Hu and Klal Yisrael, then we need to learn what does it mean to give and receive in marriage.  Shavuot is about Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah) and also Kabbalat HaTorah (The Receiving of the Torah).  Only to the degree that we refine ourselves during the Omer, particularly with regards to our ability to give and receive, will we be able to fully receive Hashem’s gift of Torah on Shavuot.

To download this wonderful shiur, click here.

DON'T MISS OUT!  RECENTLY UPLOADED THIS WEEK: If you liked this shiur, you must hear Rabbi Labinsky's most recently uploaded shiur on Shavuot and how our Ratzon/Will for receiving the Emett of Torah will determine our Kabbalat HaTorah on Shavuot.  To hear, click HERE.

This class was given as part of a  "zoom" chaburah the Rabbi is giving to us ever so fortunate ladies. If this class resonates with your "shoresh neshama" and you'd like to become a part of this unique chaburah, contact me directly at DevorahYaffa@G-dDirectTorah.com

For more on Activating Your Will in Avodat Hashem, click here. 

Pesach- Gratitude- Shavuos - The message for each of us!
Rabbi Avrohom M. Alter, Yeshivat Migdal Torah, Chicago, IL

In this impactful shiur,  Rabbi Alter gives an uplifting shiur on the power of gratitude and how the gratitude we express from Pesach leading up to Kabbalat HaTorah is what serves in our merit to our deserving the Torah on Shavuos.This shiur was given post Pesach but has a vital message to convey to make our preparations for Shavuot that much more meaningful.    Listening to this talk will guaranteed fill you with love and appreciation for HaKadosh Baruch Hu and all His kindliness.  

Click here to download mp3

For more inspiring shiurim by Rabbi Alter, click HERE

To learn more about the awesome power and blessings of gratitude, read this beautifully written kuntris/article by Rav Dovid Shteinhaus entitled: Thanking Hashem with Rabbi Avigdor Miller.

Even better, you can order the book that evolved from this kuntris called: The Fragrance of Life.  

To order on Amazon, click here  or email: orders@SimchasHachaim.com.


Making Ourselves into Vessels- A meditative preparation for Shavuos
Rabbi Shmuel Braun

Listen to this powerful class entitled:  "Making Ourselves into Vessels- A meditative preparation for Shavuos" led by Rabbi Shmuel Braun.  Rabbi Braun, a close talmid of Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, is currently a lecturer at various yeshivos and seminaries in Jerusalem, and gives lectures on Chassidic thought in North America, Israel, Europe and the Far East.  To access the download, click here.

Honor Your Father and Your Mother: The Hardest Mitzvah in the Torah!
Rabbi Avrohom M. Alter, Yeshivat Migdal Torah, Chicago, IL

Rabbi Alter gives a highly relevant shiur on the all important and all encompassing mitzvah of honoring our parents. In discussing this essential commandment, Rav Alter points us to the real significance of Kibud Av v’ Em vis a vis our relationship with our most loving parent: HaKadosh Baruch Hu. What life's lessons might there be in this Mitzvah for us and our children, that are especially applicable now before Kabolas HaTorah?

Click here to download mp3

How to Receive the Torah as New
Rabbi Tzadok Cable, Rav of Kehillas Ezra Hasofer Ramat Beis Shemesh Gimmel

Plug into the intense energies and potential for growth in the air right now as Shavuot approaches. Rav Cable will bring us back in time and help us to re-live the historical build-up towards receiving the Torah on Har Sinai and will address the question of, once having received this precious gift from Hashem, how can we as individuals and as a nation today strengthen our commitment to Torah and receive the Torah anew in a fresh, personalized and vibrant way.  Click here to download mp3

If you like this class, you’ll for sure want to sign up for the Rav’s on going now LIVE ON ZOOM chaburah learning opportunities.  For more information, contact me directly at DevorahYaffa@G-dDirectTorah.com or visit https://thebinahtree.com/

Click here to hear more awesome shiurim by Rabbi Cable.

Talking to Hashem all day long
Rabbi Itamar Schwartz, author Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh

We read in Parshat Vayeshev all about Yosef HaTzadik.  The verses describe Yosef as an “Ish Matzliach”: a “Man of Success”.  What is the secret of Yosef’s success?  Rashi brings the midrash which describes how Yosef’s master Potifer observed Yosef constantly whispering something under his breath.  What was he whispering?  To solve this riddle, the Ramban and the Arbanel and other Rishonim bring down that Yosef HaTzadik was praying to Hashem, repeating and internalizing over and over: "Shiviti Hashem l'negdi Tamid."    This, the Rishonim conclude, was Yosef’s powerful formula for success.   If this is the "key to success", what is the meaning behind these sacred words?  To unravel this mystery, check out my article here.  To hear the accompanying mp3's to this article, click here and here.

We are blessed in our generation to have someone who epitomizes this avodah. To hear a wonderful shiur describing this practice from today's "ish matzliach" the "Bilvavi", Rabbi Itamar Schwartz. on The Importance of Talking to Hashem all Throughout the Day click here .

Also just released, a fantastic essay dealing specifically with a Woman's Power of Speech.  Get a sneak preview into the Bilvavi's just released new sefer: GATEWAYS TO HASHEM FOR TODAY’S JEWISH WOMAN.  For the PDF, click here.

For information on how to order this book, click here.



Why G-d Lets Bad Things Happen and How to Make Them Stop
Rabbi Doniel Katz, The Elevation Seminar

Rabbi Doniel Katz captivates us once again with a phenomenal series answering the ageless question: “Why do bad things happen…”  This is particularly relevent now in light of all the darkness and confusing in the world right now.  Rabbi Katz shares with us the secret of how strengthening our consciousness  of always being in Hashem’s  loving Presence can diminish many of our problems in life. Download here. 

To hear the continuation of this series, go here.

Learning to build and maintain this "G-d Consciousness" is not only a way to diminish many of our problems but is also a wonderful way to correct our debilitating character traits.  Follow this personal and very practical account of one woman’s struggle with anger and how plugging into a greater awareness of Hashem’s constant and loving presence enabled her to overcome this debilitating middah.

To view article, click here


Be a "Spiritual Settler" and Not a "Spiritual Nomad"
Rabbi Tzadok Cable, Rav of Kehillas Ezra Hasofer Ramat Beis Shemesh Gimmel

Every once in awhile I hear a class that's so right on, so hits the "nail on the head" , and so resonates with my"G-d Direct"  wave length that I want to climb to the top of some high roof top and yell out: "hey women of Klal Yisrael, you gotta hear this stuff!"  The Rav clarified the difference between being a "spiritual settler" vs. a "spiritual nomad".  From the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to sleep at night, we need to acquire the mind set of being "b'Makom" ; of being in "Hashem's place" and as such everything we do should be integrated within that framework and focus.

LISTEN for yourself to this transformative class.  Your Avodat Hashem will never be the same again!

And while we're on the subject of Simcha, if you liked the above shiur, you must listen to Rabbi Cable's class from Rebbe Nachman's "Avodat HaSimcha".  To download, click here.

To be a part of this or any other one of Rabbi Cable’s new live "ZOOM" chaburah community, go to:https://thebinahtree.com/or email.  


Bringing Redemption Through National Will
Rabbi Pinchas Winston, Telzstone, Israel

Listen to a captivating shiur by Rabbi Pinchas Winston who has made it his life’s mission to prepare this generation for the imminent redemption.  What’s left for us to do?  We need to develop a strong national will for Geula.  This means making the prospect of Redemption more real and palpable in our lives. 

To access the video of this talk that was given recently in Ramat Beit Shemesh, click here.  To access the mp3 recording, click here.   

Hitbodedut: The Total Game Changer
Devorah Sisso Stieglitz, "Breakthrough" workshops

Meet Devorah Sisso Stieglitz!  Our latest addition to the “G-d Direct Torah” family, Devorah’s “Emunah Torah” is refreshingly real and down to earth.  Listen here to this wonderful class on Hitbodedut: The Total Game Changer. This class is part of a 6 part  series Devorah gives on line called Breakthrough. In this series, you'll learn tools to identify what's keeping you stuck in life, "break through" them, move on to the next stage, and attract what you truly want into your life... while recognizing that it's all from Hashem. Get excited about your future and your incredible potential again.  This is another one of those "hit the nail on the head" classes on Emunah that you'll want to listen to over and over.

Visit http://www.devorahspeaks.com/breakthrough for more information on Devorah and her series.


World Wide Nishmat Kol Chai Event
courtesy of Torah Any Time

A couple years ago, on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, something very special and unique took place in Klal Yisrael.  Over 4,000 women came together from all around the globe to join in the Nishmat Kol Chai Worldwide Event.  This event celebrated thousands of women saying Nishmat Kol Chai for 40 days in a row.  It was a celebration of our gratitude to HaKadosh Baruch Hu and a celebration of us, Jewish women, and our power to unify to bring the Redemption, closer, IY"H! This event featured inspiring and empowering talks by Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi; Rabbi Aryeh Nivin; Lori Palatnik and a special bracha from Rebbetzin Leah Kolodetsky. daughter of Hagadol HaDor, HaGaon,  HaRav Chaim  Kanievsky

If you haven’t seen this yet, or even if you have and you want to see it again, click here now.


An Interview with Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan zt"l
Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, zt"l

For the first time in 36 years, made available now to our G-d Direct Torah community, you can hear Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan zt”l in a radio interview he gave in 1980.  To hear Rabbi Kaplan describe the importance of hitbodedut/meditation and the examples he demonstrates on how to attain a state of “aloneness” and closeness with the Ribbon shel olam is truly life altering.  Thank you to Rabbi Avraham Sutton for making this audio available to us. To download, click here. 

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh Women's Chaburah Siyum
Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, Yeshiva University/Aish Kodesh

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger pierces to the depths of the “pintele” yid with this shiur that he gave to a group of women in Lawrence, NY upon their completion of the Sefer Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh a few months ago.  Rabbi Weinberger tackles the difficult questions of how to maintain emunah amidst pain and suffering and how to transition this generation from one that “hears” and knows about Hashem’s existence to one that “sees” and “feels” Hashem’s existence moment to moment.  A must hear preparation to help us plug into the potential for "Ahavat Hashem" in the air right now..  To access this shiur, go here.

Inculcating Emunah in our Children
Rabbi Avrohom M.Alter, Yeshiva Migdal Torah, Chicago, Il.

Every once in a while, you hear a class that you can listen to over and over and over again.  The truth is my Rav, Rabbi Avrohom M.Alter, has many shiurim that fit this description but this one really struck a deep chord within my “Emunah driven” heart.  Listen for yourself and see.  This shiur on how to educate our children in Emunah and Bitachon is really about how to educate ourselves in Emunah and Bitachon.  Once we get it, they’ll get it too!  This shiur should be on your “favorites” to be listened to all year round.  For download, click here.


Click here for more Torah by Rabbi Avrohom Alter


Question of the Ages: How Much Hishtadlus vs. How Much Bitachon?
Rabbi Avrohom M. Alter, Lakewood, NJ

In the Torah Portiion, Parshat Vayashev, Yosef HaTzadik's request for "protexia" from the wine steward cost him an extra two years in jail according to our Sages.  Seems like a reasonable request to me but Yosef is held accountable for this "extra act" of histadlut (effort) on his part which brings up the age old question: When is 'enough' enough? When is enough ... really 'too much'? Haven't we all been perplexed by this question? Hishtadlus vs. Bitachon - how much is proper?  In matters of Shiduchim, Parnasah, Yeshuos, etc. Is it true that G-d only helps those who "help themselves"? When is 'enough' histadlus really 'too much' histadlus?  Rabbi Avrohom Alter gives a brilliant answer to these and other questions on how to understand the delicated balance between Bitachon and Histadlut,  Click here to download.



Feeling Safe in an Unsafe World
Chaya Hinda Allen, Jewish Positive Thinking

Go HERE  to receive a beautiful guided Imagery by Chaya Hinda Allen (www.JPThink.com)  to help us feel Hashem's love for us and His loving protection.  Practical and inspiring, we need this chizuk now more than ever!  This track teaches us how we can empower ourselves to face the challenges of stressful times with courage.  As Chaya Hinda explains: “By using our minds and our imagination (tziurei halev in the words of Rav Dessler) we can create deep and enduring feelings of trust and connection. It must be practiced, it doesn't necessarily come at once… No one is born trusting Hashem. It is the effort we put in to guide our minds and to think these thoughts that create the protection."

To be a part of Chaya Hinda's on-going on-line Thinking Positive! course, visit..  

You can also now become a part of a growing community of Jewish Women led by Chaya Hinda Allen by becoming a memeber of Chaiyil.  Members receive an 18-minute installment of Chaiyil every day - either an uplifting audio message, member success story, guided bitachon experience or practical exercise. To hear a sample chizuk message on the power of our wanting and willing, click here.  To sign up and receive more daily chizuk messages click here.


Empowering Jewish Women to Action
Rebbertzin Chaya Levine

We learn that in the merit of the Jewish Women, we were redeemed from Egypt and in the merit of the righteous Jewish women in the future, we will be redeemed again.  As we enter into this difficult time period, now more than ever we need to gather ourselves together as Jewish women,  do Teshuva, and pray that our Unity is no longer built on tragedy but rather built on Positive Actions and Unity Initiatives.  Listen to Rebbetzin Chaya Levine, widow of Rabbi Kalman Zeev Levine, Hy”d,  who was amongst the four kedoshim  brutally murdered in Har Nof.   During this very personal and poignant meeting with Rebbetzin Levine,  she described for us one such powerful initiative.  She also not only gives us as Jewish Women a Call to Action, but shares with us her personal story from the morning she learned of her husband’s death till today.

Special thanks to the Yashar Foundation for making this meeting possible.  To download, click HERE

For more information on how to be a part of this project, go to: http://www.theactionsproject.com 

To view a very inspiring video with Rebbetzin Levine and others describing this project in more detail, click  HERE.

One Entity: The Essence of a Jewish Marriage
Rebbetzin Ruchi Goldenberg, Beit Shemesh, Israel.

Chazal teach us that there exists a marital relationship between HaKadosh Baruch Hu and Klal Yisarel.  In order to properly appreciate this relationship paradigm better,  we need to understand what is the essence of a Jewish marriage, what is the inherent holiness between husband and wife.  Having been married almost 20 years, I’m just now beginning to understand thanks to Rebbetzin Ruchi Goldenberg.  LISTEN  to this beautiful and eye opening shiur revealing the true secrets of marriage or as the Rebbetzin teaches: “This is the way Hashem created the world; a woman draws her inner identity, her essence, from her husband.” This was a big chiddush for me and I'd like to share it with you. 

This shiur is based on a chapter from a newly published sefer entitled: My Soul Desire published by Beis Hamidrash Neizer Yisrael of Harav Avraham Tzvi Kluger.  To read this excerpt, click here. 

To order this wonderful sefer, go to:  www.feldheim.com.

To access more of the Rebbetzin's shiurim on Shalom Bayit, go here.


Prayer Power

Cry along with me as you view this wonderful video courtesy of www.Aish.com on the Power of Prayer. To view, click HERE




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