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Jeanne Diamond Sings - Jeanne Diamond

An accomplished soloist for the Chicago Lyric Opera for 10 seasons, Mrs. Diamond was “discovered” by her one day to be husband while singing the solo for their High School Confirmation class. Proof positive that “Kol Isha” really does make an impact but in this case it’s a good thing – otherwise I may never have been born! Way to go Mom!!!

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Shiviti: Click here to download MP3

Hodu Lashem - Devora Gila Berkowitz

A spiritual mentor, voice coach, yoga instructor, singer - songwriter, and a Facilitating Healer for The Gate of Unity. A Harvard-educated, contemporary mystic, Devora Gila’s teachings, music and vision have inspired women from around the world.

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Shir HaMa’alot: Click here to download MP3

I Believe and Hey Little Girl - Aliza Dubin

Singer-songwriter-pianist, recording artist and performer,  Aliza's style of music and singing have been described as "contemplative, meditative, moving, healing, and spiritual", as she weaves and infuses her love of Judaism and life into her uplifting and soulful melodies.

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I Believe: Click here to download MP3
Modeh: Click here to download MP3
Loving Kindness: Click here to download MP3

A Light of Many Colors - Devorah Yaffa Singer and Aliza Dubin

Enjoy these original and also classic favorites as we take you along a journey towards clarity and a more heartfelt connection to HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

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Wisdom of Your Ways: Click here to download MP3
Lev Tahor: Click here to download MP3
You Give Me Direction: Click here to download MP3