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It is a great matter and a wonderful direction (segula) to nullify all judgments and forces against a person (so that they won’t be able to rule over a person and won’t have any effect on him) is when a person sets in his heart and resolves,

“Behold Hashem is the true G-d and that there is nothing else other than Him. Every force in the world (and in all of the worlds) is filled only with His simple unity.”

When a person totally nullifies in his heart every power and force in the world and doesn’t pay attention to them at all…

And when a person subjugates and attaches the purity of his thoughts in the one Master only…

Then Hashem will nullify all of the forces in the world against him so that they won’t have any power at all.

The person who resolves the above will make spiritual decrees and they will happen so he will be able to do wonderful miracles which are the opposite of the natural order of nature.

This occurs because he subjugates and attaches the purity of the faith in his heart only to Hashem without stopping.

And Hashem gives this person the power to do whatever he wants, to work within the order of nature or totally he opposite of the order of nature. (Nefesh HaChayim Section 3 Chapter 12. )

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