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It is with tremendous gratitude to HaKadosh Baruch Hu that we present you with the launching of our new, permanent site:

There is a broad consensus amongst our Gedolim that we are in a period of time now called Ikvese Demeshicha – or the End of Days. (Click here to read this letter from the Gadol HaDor Rav Chaim Kanievsky stating emphatically that we are indeed in the days known as the Ikvesa demeshicha or the End of days).

How does a Torah observant Jew in the 21st century traverse such a potentially volatile and confusing time period? What can we rely on, when from every side, every aspect of life is unravelling? We have nowhere to turn, no solutions, other than turning to Hashem Himself. This is the answer given in the Mishnah at the end of mesechta Sota. The Mishnah asks: “upon whom do we have to rely? “ and it answers: “we can only rely on our Father in Heaven,” (‘Avinu Sh’bshamayim’). Thus, there is one basic overarching strategy for dealing with this time period which is "relying and turning completely and only to Hashem". (to learn more about what we need to strengthen ourselves during the End of Days, go to our Community of Resources/Binyan Olam .)

Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein states very poignantly in a shiur he gave during Parshat Yisro in 2009 that only those Jews who hold on tight to their Emunah and trust in Hashem during these times of turbulence and uncertainty will merit to witness the unfolding of history and be a part of the climactic finale of the final redemption (to hear a 5-minute excerpt from this shiur, go to Audios. )

In taking these words very much to heart, we have embarked on this endeavor to provide you with easy, fingertip access to multiple resources, including: seminars, audio links with inspiring shiurim and uplifting musical selections. Videos and inspiring articles. They all share one aim: to build a community of Jewish women who are dedicated to developing a more palpable and personal relationship with the Creator. It is in the merit of the righteous women, the Midrash tells us, that the Geula will unfold. Amongst these women are those who are building their homes and teaching their loved ones the secret of “relying and turning completely and only to Hashem”

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A Woman’s “Cheilek” (Portion) in Kabbalat HaTorah
Rabbi Itamar Schwartz, author of Bilvavi and Da’ah es Atzmecha

With tremendous gratitude to HaKadosh Baruch Hu, we are pleased to present you a unique opportunity to learn with Rabbi Itamar Schwartz in his first live tele-shiur this Wednesday May 8th, at 12 pm NY time, 7pm IST (with translator). To hear this Tzaddik’s words of inspiration and chizuk on the deeper meaning of shavuot for women, contact Aviva Aberman today at: There is a $25 charge for this one-time chaburah.

How to Receive the Torah as New
Rabbi Tzadok Cable, Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem

Plug into the intense energies and potential for growth in the air right now as Shavuot approaches. Rav Cable will bring us back in time and help us to re-live the historical build-up towards receiving the Torah on Har Sinai and will address the question of, once having received this precious gift from Hashem, how can we as individuals and as a nation today strengthen our commitment to Torah and receive the Torah anew in a fresh, personalized and vibrant way.

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Click here to hear more awesome shiurim by Rabbi Cable.

Climbing Mount NEverRest
Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky, Becoming Divine, Cleveland, OH

Rav Labinsky teaches us in another brilliant shiur how to traverse our inner mountains to re-connect with and reveal our own inner Truths. Every year we need to re-commit ourselves to revealing our own personal Torah. Rav Labinsky shows us how.

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To hear more awesome Torah from Rav Labinsky, go to

“See you at Sinai”
Mrs. Devorah Yaffa Singer, Ma’ale Amos, Israel

I hope you’ll enjoy this transformative and experiential 20 minute meditative exercise to help you plug in more deeply to your neshama’s memory of standing at the foot of Har Sinai. Join me as we go back in time internally and get re-acquainted with the special piece of Torah that was revealed to you then and connect it with the unique light that you’re meant to shine now.

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To learn more tools for strengthening G-d consciousness and re-connecting more deeply with your G-dly soul, check out Lights of Emunah

Honor Your Father and Your Mother: The Hardest Mitzvah in the Torah!
Rabbi Avrohom M. Alter, Yeshivat Migdal Torah, Chicago, IL

Rabbi Alter gives a highly relevant shiur on the all important and all encompassing mitzvah of honoring our parents. In discussing this essential commandment, Rav Alter points us to the real significance of Kibud Av v’ Em vis a vis our relationship with our most loving parent: HaKadosh Baruch Hu. What life's lessons might there be in this Mitzvah for us and our children, that are especially applicable now before Kabolas HaTorah?

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Thanking Hashem with Rabbi Avigdor Miller
by Rabbi Dovid Shteinhaus

This invaluable booklet was written by Gateshead Rav Rabbi Dovid Shteinhaus in which he brilliantly compiles together the teachings of the great Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l and provides us with a practical guide to the wonderful joy of gratitude to Hashem.

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“Shiviti Hashem l’negdi Tamid”: David HaMelech’s Prescription For G-d Consciousness and Character Refinement
by Mrs. Devorah Yaffa Singer, Ma’ale Amos, Israel

Follow this personal and very practical account of one woman’s struggle with anger and how plugging into a greater awareness of Hashem’s constant and loving presence enabled her to overcome this debilitating middah.

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